Sunday, November 27, 2011

Return of the tomato

I arrived in California and the first thing I like to do when I get here is go to a store and look through all the candy and donuts and hamburgers that you can find here. It all looks so good when you first see it, especially coming from Portugal where you walk into a store and all you see is a dried chouri├žo, some potatoes or a pack of bolachas maria. But after a while all this food here does makes you sick.

So on Tuesday I bought a chocolate, and won a coupon for another chocolate. So I got a chocolate for free, and that chocolate won me another coupon for a chocolate. I got another chocolate for free, and that one gave me another free chocolate! So I got another chocolate for free!!! No wonder people are fat here...

I still have the same vehicle since last year, and it still looks like a rusty can of tomatoes, but coming back to the tomato can Van brings some memories. Just the smell of this thing reminds me of endless driving through windy roads, but with the reward of great waves at the end. Truth is that this van always got me to where I needed to get to, and i hope it does the same this time. If it doesn't, I'll have some kind of story to tell you soon.

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